Nota Baloyi Fired Up After Ex Wife's Berita's Podcast & Chill Interview
10/04/2023 08:14 in News

Following yesterday's revelations where Nota Baloyi exposed his ex wife for unpaid life insurances and retirement annuity. The smack down continues as he has taken to social media to address issues following Berita's Podcast and Chill with MacG interview.


Ahead of the Podcast and Chill with MacG interview, Nota Baloyi was commenced by singing his ex wife's praises. While shooting down South African musicians and calling them out of their names, Baloyi glorified Berita as a beautiful and decent Zimbabwean girl.


"I married my wife because the South African pop stars are all hoes that have given it up to everybody whereas my wife is a decent Zimbabwean girl… A beautiful Bulawayo bombshell. When you get to our level you can secure yourself a trophy wife that must be loyal for her own good!" wrote Nota Baloyi

However, once social media went abuzz after Berita's interview, Baloyi's tone suddenly changed, during a series of tweets when he started retaliating  and defending himself.

"My father taught me that you’ll never find a perfect wife but you can make a family work as long as you’re willing to always be the bigger man… Will Smith showed us what happens when you let the devil get to you & I’d rather put up Gugulethu over Jada Pinkett though, love yours!" wrote Nota Baloyi

After Berita fled their marital home last year, she mentioned that he was harassing her and everyone else around her;

"I had to even leave the country for 6 months. My dad didn’t want me to come back to Johannesburg. I told my dad that I had never experienced that type of rage in my life. I really was naive when I got into the relationship. I didn’t take the time to get to know him. At one point, I thought we shared the same type of values.”

Meanwhile Nota Baloyi is claiming that Berita and further added that her toxic traits were the main reason for the demise of their marriage.

"In a hour all she said is that she’s jealous she’s not as famous as me & she doesn’t know a single lie I told… What she won’t do is admit her toxic traits are the reason I let her to go because she came to my home as a visitor & wouldn’t leave. I married her to avoid vat en sit!" wrote Nota Baloyi